Teeters' History  Since 1849

From coffins hand-built by the first Richard Teeter, a cabinet-maker, in 1849 to 21st century wood and metal caskets, burial vaults and cremation options, the Teeter Family brings to its client families over 173 years of experience in providing dignified, compassionate, and affordable funeral arrangements.  The Teeter family offers traditional and contemporary funeral choices, both religious and non-sectarian.  Each funeral is designed to meet the individual, personal needs of those we serve.

The five generations of Teeters, which began with Richard Adam Teeter in 1849, have included his sons — Richard, Charles, and George; his grandson Richard A.; and his great-grandsons Richard Alvin (Dick) and J. Kimble Teeter who left the family firm in 2008.  Most recently Dick's daughter Julia Teeter-Seiler adds to the heritage of the oldest service and retail business in Northeastern PA.

Richard Adam Teeter (#1) was a very young adult assisting undertakers during a major yellow fever epidemic in St. Louis, MO just prior to 1849 thus preparing him for what became his life work in Hawley.  He had also been apprenticed as a furniture builder and upholsterer. The combined funeral and furniture businesses continue to this day.

Richard (#2) was a telegrapher for the Erie Railroad and operated The Hawley Paper Box Co. in addition to the joint family businesses.He became a licensed funeral director in 1905.

Richard A. (#3) managed the businesses together with his wife Helen until his untimely death in 1970.  Helen had been licensed as a Funeral Director in 1952 and assisted her sons for many years.  Richard A. also operated an ambulance service until the community assumed that task in the 1950s.

Richard Alvin (#4) began working here as a youth. Dick gained ownership in 1965 and has been joined in the business with his daughter, Julie since 1987.

Julia Elizabeth Teeter-Seiler became a licensed Funeral Director in September of 2015.  Her duties have now expanded into the complete activities in Teeters' Funeral Chapel as well as manager of Teeters' Furniture.

The goal of all of us at Teeters' Funeral Chapel and Teeters' Furniture is the continuation of the tradition of excellence established by our founder as we provide competent, satisfactory service to all who come to us for help.

Teeter family members over the years

Richard Adam Teeter 1827 - 1896

Richard Teeter 1865 - 1917  and George S. Teeter 1863 - 1942

Richard A. Teeter 1903 - 1970  and Helen K. Teeter 1908 - 2006

Richard Alvin Teeter 1940 -  to the present  and J. Kimble Teeter 1943 - retired 2008

Julia Teeter-Seiler 1966 - to the present